The Defeat of the Troll

Now that the trolls have been defeated, some of the shepherds turn on the villages with their mutated goats, plundering and pillaging. The only thing that might just stop them is you and your contraptions. Built from the ground up, Gruff: Clash of the Battle Goats allows you to bring constructed gruffs to the battlefield. 

A Competitive, Tactical Card Game Expansion

This is a stand-alone expansion to Gruff: The Tactical Card Game of Mutated Monster Goats. As such, shepherds and gruffs from each set can be utilized in a head-to-head battle for guff supremacy. The set comes with everything you need to get up and play in minutes, complete with six shepherds, six goats, and all the ability cards to go with them. 

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The expansion also adds two new rules to the game; factions and the breaking point. The icons on the gruff cards represent factions within the game and there are five of them. With the faction rules in play, when selecting gruffs, you can only select gruffs from a single faction. The shepherd cards also now contain an ultimate card limit number in the upper right of the card. This number constricts the amount of “Ultimate” cards a player is allowed to add to their deck. Ultimate cards are more powerful abilities and spells, ones that can change the tactical card game’s direction in a single play. 

Reflections on Gruff: Clash of the Battle Goats

The tactical card game expansion continues the fabulous art of the original set while introducing a new creative spin on the gruffs with the constructs. In addition, with the complete rules, six shepherds, and six gruffs, the expansion expands the game’s content but also allows new players to be introduced to the game for half the cost. 

The new faction rules and ultimate card limit also build on top of the original rules while still not overly complicating the game for new players. The faction rules create another level of complexity to the deck building while the ultimate card limit keeps the player’s deck from getting overpowered with ultimate cards. 

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About the Game

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