A Tabletop Game Junkie

Recently, a new found friend of mine re-introduced me to the world of games. Not just games, but tabletop GAMES. And not the games like Monopoly, Stratego, and Risk that everyone grew up as a kid. But games that expand upon the classic RPGs that I played as a kid. Games like Star Frontiers, BattleTech, or the 2nd edition of Advanced Dungeon and Dragons, and the RPG version of Star Wars.

Much has changed since the ’80s in the tabletop game. Today’s games have evolved alongside the digital gaming industries, bringing in new concepts and redefining the old. Co-operative modes, dice and card to designed to enhance the randomness, deck-building, storytelling, and more have ushered in a literal golden age of board games. Coming soon are a few reviews of the games I play today.

And, if you are interested in the work experiences, that’s on the right.

Reviews of My Favorite Games

Working on a review of The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game and Big Trouble in Little China, The Game.