I am not scared, 

You are not real. 

It’s just a white troll,

Not covered in wool.

Standing on the fence,

Come to me, my gruffs.

My gruffs, stitched so plush,

To me my stuffkins, loyal and strong.

Time to battle the nightmares. 

Gruff: Stuff of Nightmares is a stand-alone game that is fully compatible with the previous Gruff base set and expansions. The Stuff of Nightmares introduces a new faction, the Stuffkin!Gruff. The 15 plushy, not so cuddly nightmarish goats join the 8 new shepherds in their battles against other shepherds or 3 new trolls. 

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In addition to the new faction and new mutation cards, the Gruff: the Stuff of Nightmares introduces 4 player free for all and 3 player free for all rules. With these rules, 4 players can play against each other. The first one defeated collapses the game set up to 3 players and then to a 2 player set up. In the end, a single shepherd and their gruffs take the trophy. 

Reflections on Gruff: the Stuff of Nightmares

With the game having rules for 2 player, solo, and cooperative play, the addition of multiplayer competitive play is a nice addition. With these rules, tournament play can be introduced through the process of elimination and game brackets. 

About the Game

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