Board Game Reviews From an Old School Board Game Junkie

I am a self-diagnosed sci-fi and fantasy dork. Not just within books, movies, and comics but within games. And just not any games, but tabletop GAMES. Role-playing RPG games like Dungeon and Dragons, Star Frontiers, and Flash Gordon. Miniature games like Warhammer, Star Wars, and BattleTech. Even co-operative, deck-building card games, and dice-throwing board games.

Playing these games allows me to encounter various worlds, cultures, and experiences through an evolving story that adapts based upon your actions. It’s from this perspective that I review various board games and RPGs. To share my thoughts and experiences about them and encourage others to join the board game hobby.

My Board Game Reviews

A Simple RPG Game, Coyote & Crow Make Native Americans Heroes

For this simple RPG game, players experience a future where the colonization of America didn’t occur. A world of Coyote & Crow.

A Solo Dungeon Crawl Game, Mini Rogue