Conference Speaking and Small Business Coaching

Since the earliest recorded history, stories have been utilized to teach the younger generations values, beliefs and behaviors. Stories were passed from father to son, mother to daughter, generation to generation. Over time, these stories were transcribed from word of mouth into written words as societies advanced. Today, those same stories are recreated and broadcasted through television, computers and even social media. The notion of teaching values conveyed through stories can be used to communicate with today’s audiences.

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Starting a small business is no easy feat. Neither is running a successful one. There are several milestones along the process of starting a business and priming it for long-term success. Each of them requires different strategies, approaches, and resources to keep things moving along. More often than not, you’ll have to abandon the best-laid plans if they don’t turn out the way you’d hoped. You might find yourself wanting a second opinion on crucial decisions throughout the journey.

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