Traditional communication channels are becoming ineffective in capturing and engaging the attention of today’s perpetually connected community residents. This, in turn, is making it increasingly difficult to communicate with them, to keep the community informed on upcoming elections, filing deadlines, fee increases, as well as changes in policies and ordinances. Additionally, today’s “fake news” generation does not trust information from traditional channels, only 6% of millennials consider traditional communications even to be credible. Today’s municipalities must adapt their communication strategies in an effort to be heard in the face of the consumers’ rapidly changing media consumption landscape. To get out ahead of traditional media channels with the facts. And most importantly, become the trusted source of information within their communities.

In this session, attendees learned

  • How to identify a topic to write about from the questions your community is asking but not talking to you about.
  • Strategies for transforming those topics into informational and persuasive “storified” content.
  • How to utilize those stories in blogs, infographics, social media posts, and videos that connect with the community and ensures they are informed
  • How to deliver those stories through a content marketing strategy that builds mindful scheduling habits.
  • Discover tracking methods to understand which stories, types of content are being read by your communities and use that information to develop future stories.

Through strategic, engaging content, you can stay connected with your community to keep them informed on your ever-changing community. Build a trusted relationship with them to ensure your messages are received and understood. And become an unmistakable and essential community partner in their eyes.

A presentation at the Institute of Municipal Clerks 2019 Conference in Birmingham, AL.